No brokerage, no hassles, ready-to-move in homes.

No Regrets

The home you choose and book online
will always be available


Neither do you chase multiple brokers
nor do you pay brokerage


Analytics-driven fair prices, fair contracts all paperwork is handled by Oyonest

No meeting brokers or owners. Just deal with Oyonest.

Search, Book online

Choose your home from our listings
and book online for guaranteed availability

Guided apartment visit

Visit the apartment with Oyonest.
If you wish to choose another,
get booking amount refunded.

Move in

Oyonest takes care of all the paperwork.
All you need to do, is move in
on your chosen date.

What defines a Oyonest home

No Running around before

  • Easy to find the right home
  • 1-1 dealing - no chasing multiple owners or brokers (like with other housing platforms)
  • Analytics-driven pricing ensures you a fair deal
  • All agreements are fair and standardised
  • All documentation is handled by Oyonest


  • Oyonest Homes come with prescribed standards
  • All specs stated on site will be in place when you move in
  • Oyonest Homes are already in our possession. It will be handed over, on the promised date, in top condition
  • Easy termination of contract, deposit retrieval.
  • Oyonest provides prompt, fair quotes and assistance for repairs and maintenance.
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Why tenants love Oyonest homes


Ease of choice

Curated listing, assured availability if you book,
every specification and fitting is listed.


Ease of process

Oyonest manages the entire rental process end-to-end.
Including all paperwork, contracts etc.


Ease of moving in

Oyonest Homes are in our possession, hand-over in
top condition on the committed date, is assured.

Why owners love Oyonest homes

The right rent

More parameters are taken into consideration to bring you the right, analytics-driven rentals. One-month rent paid up-front on contract

the right tenant

Oyonest has a diligent screening process
to ensure that you get the right tenant
for your house. All tenant validation managed by Oyonest.

the right care

Efficient process in place to ensure
your house meets Oyonest standards.
Periodic inspections carried out to ensure
your house is in top condition.

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