01 Ready to rent out, in 4 simple steps

Submit apartment details

Fill up this simple, online form.

Property verification by Oyonest

Your fittings are catalogued; a repair report is shared, which we can process for you.

Agreement sign-up

You sign a Power of Attorney and Service Agreement with Oyonest.

First installment of security deposit transferred

And, we give you a rent guarantee.

02 The fastest way to find tenants


Your apartment goes live on Oyonest.com. We start marketing it on other channels.


When tenants express interest, we screen them. If they qualify, we sign them up.

Moving in

The tenant, moves in to your apartment. If needed, we help them move in.

Security deposit

You already have the first installment. Now, we give you the rest.

03 Now, you live in peace. Forever.

Assured rent

On time, every month, no matter what.

No nagging, no complaints

When tenants have problems, they talk to us, not to you.

Renewals and terminations

All handled by us, with a new rent guarantee, as required

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